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The Royal's Baby Proposal

The Royal's Baby Proposal



Author : GGTBooks

Publisher : Radish


It’s not the royal proposal Cinderella received, but this prince’s proposition changes my entire life… I’m not interested in one-night stands or lame come-ons. I’m too busy running a seaside crab shack that I’m desperate to buy before it hits the public market. The outdated restaurant needs tons of work I can’t afford, but the space is adjacent to an exclusive yacht club with a discriminating clientele I want to reel in. I’m obsessed with my grand plans that are still so far out of my reach. Then a tall, dark and mysterious stranger requests a patio table in a secluded corner and orders champagne…with two glasses. This is where Nick Angelini, of royal blood, makes one incredibly stunning proposal—to me. Somehow, he knows my name, Bailey Storm. Somehow, he knows I want this property. Somehow… He knows all the right words to murmur about making my dreams come true and just the right way to sweep strands of hair from my face and suddenly… I’m considering having his baby. Seriously.