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The Second Last Time

The Second Last Time

New Adult


Author : lina laurine

Publisher : Radish


After having her heart completely trashed Odessa Reyes is set on never to bother with the opposite sex ever again. Not on a serious level at least. She is tired of being desired simply for her looks and social status, tired of letting them use her for their own good. In a vain attempt to escape, she decides to transfer schools right before her senior year is about to start. But even though Hotchkiss Boarding School is several miles away from her home, she can't seem to escape her problems and ghosts in the past. Enter Killian Blackwell, the school's most popular guy, who immediately finds Odessa interesting and does everything he can to earn her trust. He doesn't care about her previous misfortunes and is determined to make her realize that there are good guys in the world too. When strange things start happening around school, Odessa understands that looks can be deceiving. Both when it comes to people and places. Hotchkiss hides a fortune of dark secrets only waiting to be unraveled, and Odessa might just be the key to it all.