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The Secrets of Mia Danvers

The Secrets of Mia Danvers



Author : robyndehart

Publisher : Radish


A blind witness. An arrogant Duke. London’s most notorious killer… The formidable Alexander Foster, Duke of Carrington has never given much thought to the woman who lives in the cottage at the edge of his property until she shows up in his parlor, rain-soaked and demanding he do something about the murder she just witnessed. He doesn’t know whether to be irritated or amused by the lithe beauty’s interruption. It has long been rumored that the third Danvers daughter, Mia, died in a riding accident at the tender age of fifteen. In truth, she’s been secretly living at the edge of the Carrington estate for the past nine years. Though she and the Duke have lived on the same land, their paths haven’t crossed, until they must work together to stop London’s must infamous villain. Despite her blindness, Mia is determined to help track down the culprit in the murder she witnessed, even though the only person willing to accept her help is the arrogant Duke of Carrington. However, as they work together, passion sparks between them. Their investigation leads them closer to the killer, but in doing so, Mia herself becomes a target. Alex is hell-bent on protecting her himself, especially when the mounting evidence seems to be suggesting the killer just might be closer than either expected.