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The Seeds of Winter

The Seeds of Winter



Author : across

Publisher : Radish


Would you become a cyborg just to survive? I did, and it ended the world. In 2040, three factions went to war over the creation of artilects--sentient androids indistinguishable from human beings. Five years later, Ailith wakes to find the Artilect War over and the modernworld destroyed. Her only connection to the life she once knew is Tor, a stranger who protected her as she slept. A cyborg. Like her. They believed they were the only ones; they were wrong. Others of their kind are alive--and facing execution. Their deaths must be prevented at allcosts, for if they die, humankind will become extinct. But asAilith and Tor face off against old enemies and a self-proclaimed god,they begin to doubt the true nature of their design. They can trust noone--not even each other, despite the passion that binds them together. Humanity fought a war to annihilate us. Now their future depends on our survival. We are the seed.