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The Undeniable Baller

The Undeniable Baller



Author : Lisa Lang Blakeney

Publisher : Radish


*SEASON COMPLETED* Two best friends. One fated romance. Diesel is the best friend & boy next door who got away. OLIVIA I was the new kid, in a small town, who didn’t fit in when I met Mason Bridgewater. He was big, bossy, and almost knocked me out cold when we first met. Our friendship grew, and a love grew greater out of that, but now I’ve ruined it. Will he ever speak to me again? MASON I was the golden boy, from a small town, whose entire world was rocked when I met Olivia Robertson. She talked differently, she acted differently, and I knew pretty quickly that I’d never meet a girl like her again. Our friendship was unbreakable, our attraction undeniable, and our love unforgettable…or so I thought. The girl who meant everything. Threw me away like I meant nothing. Will she ever love me again? Series: The Nighthawk Ballers Season Three