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The Vampire's Pet

The Vampire's Pet



Author : Marian Tee

Publisher : Radish


It's Vampire Academy meets 50 Shades in this steamy epic love story! === There's a pecking order in my world. Vampires are Masters, humans are pets, and my Master? He's cruel and dangerous. But I fell for him anyway. Kidnapped by trolls, parents gone missing, and demons breathing down my neck. That's how my life changed in a blink of an eye, and there was only one thing I could do to survive another day. Entrust myself to the powerful vampire Master who saved me, even if it meant becoming his pet. And my Master's first command: don't get into trouble. Yeah. Right. If only it were that simple. If only I weren't the world's last living soul seer...and the idiot who lost her heart to her Master, even though he had no heart of his own.