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The Warrior's Gift

The Warrior's Gift



Author : NovelAl

Publisher : Radish


“Who are you?” She managed, despite her distinct wariness for the man caging her. “I’m someone you should answer.” “Answers require questions and I must have missed yours. Besides, I don’t answer to animals who knock me over the head, imprison me and-and then strip me.” Her accusations had him easing back a little. To her mortification, she realized he’d only done so to gain a better view of her bare to the waist where the covers had slipped. “My men shouldn’t have touched you,” Oz said, meaning it. That his men even had the pleasure of touching and seeing her bare, sent a dose of malice threading slowly through his veins. “They’ve sworn to me that they didn’t hurt you,” he said. “I could have the doctor check-” “I’ll see my own-thanks.” Oz’s bright eyes scanned what the covers still hid. “If they lied, they’ll be dealt with.” “I see. Dealt with if they raped me? No repercussions for knocking me out and stripping me.” Oz felt his gaze sharpen and he didn’t know if he was on the verge of laughter or disbelief. “You did put three of them in the infirmary.” “Oh poor them. They’ll recover quicker from that beating than they will over the bruises their egos took,” she added. Oz had to laugh then. “They were supposed to be out there.” “So you say.” “So it is.” “So you say. How do I know you guys aren’t…up to something? I saw your men’s uniforms- they don’t look like ones from any military branch in this country.” Keturah winced. She may’ve been saying things that would keep her a permanent resident of her strange new locale. Her gorgeous captor was obviously unshaken by the outburst. His smile was pronounced and genuine. “You’re an observant little thing, aren’t you?” “I’m not little.” Again, she winced. Hell, how was a woman supposed to think, let alone summon appropriate comebacks in the presence of a specimen like the one smiling at her? “Come now,” he sighed, his manner was blatantly sly, “that can’t be completely true?”