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The Wicked Ones

The Wicked Ones

Young Adult


Author : anne

Publisher : Radish


It’s the year 2079, and seventeen-year-old Nova works at her family’s traveling circus—a circus like no other. The W Express features captured Wickeds—demonic humanoids created by an Earth-altering solar flare. The Wickeds function as imprisoned performers in the circus, showcasing their bulletproof skin or their spiderlike climbing. When new Wickeds are captured in the wild, the W Express gains never-before-seen abilities and the promise of a revitalized show. But with unwavering defiance and the ability to speak, these Wickeds seem more human than demon. Everyone warns Nova of their ferocity, but she can’t help thinking these Wickeds might not be evil at all. So when one of the new additions—an empathetic, gravity-defying Wicked—saves her life, Nova fears the worst. That maybe the “humanoids” are simply human. And that just maybe, she is the villain of her own story. Hoping to redeem herself, Nova befriends the Wickeds. But then her family announces their plan to sell the circus, and Nova realizes her sympathy will never be enough. It’s time to go to war, but only if Nova is willing to take down her family and everything they’ve built.