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The Youtuber's Secret

The Youtuber's Secret



Author : Emily (Heartbreaker)

Publisher : Radish


Claira was a Youtuber. Vlogging, top tens, make up, comedy sketches-- she did it all. With a small following, Claira hoped to gain more fans as time went by, focusing on Youtube and school. But Claira has a secret. And his name is Max Alberts. Meet Max Alberts, a handsome, wealthy business owner who teaches the honors financing class at UCLA while also running one of the best vegan food chains in California. He's older, mysterious, wealthy, and intimidating, but when he meets the fiery little undergrad Claira, suddenly everything changes. After watching her Youtube videos, he knows that she has to be his, but she knows that dating a professor is playing with fire. As Claira's Youtube rises in popularity, she finds it harder and harder to keep her love a secret, but if she can't, everything can fall apart. From the author of #1 in Teen Fiction series Forced to have the Player's Kid and #2 in Comedy Trapped in School, this trilogy shows a college perspective of fame, power, and love.