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Thieving Fairies

Thieving Fairies



Author : GiselleRenarde

Publisher : Radish


Urban fairy Honoria and her wife Shelagh are knee-deep in junk mail and overdue bills.  Their bachelor apartment isn't big enough for the two of them and they spend their days at each other’s throats.  Despite the difficulties of city life, Honoria's dead-set against using their magical powers.  Even when Shelagh devises a plot to make money off fairy gold, her girl won't go for it.  Honoria would rather steal the old-fashioned way than end up in a military facility after the government catches wind of their abilities--which isn't so far-fetched a concern.   It happened to a friend of a friend.  When Shelagh insists they can earn a living off cash-for-gold services, the irritable couple begins a career in small-time thievery.  Who knew breaking and entering would be such fun?