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Through the Leaded Glass

Through the Leaded Glass



Author : JudiFennell

Publisher : Radish


A future to look forward to… Current Day : Kate Lawton has it all: money, career, respect, and an adopted daughter on the way. She doesn’t need a man—been there, done that, has the T-shirt. She also has a few interesting objects from a girls’ trip the a RenFaire—which prove to be worth more than she’d bargained for. A past filled with intrigue 15th Century: Alexander Traverse, earl of Shelton, is planning to marry to please his king, but a family heirloom ring has been stolen. Though legend says the family’s luck is tied to the ring, Alex puts no stock in it. He just wants to carch the thief. Time’s up… But when Kate arrives in Alex’s world with the missing ring, he realizes there might be more to the legend than he’d thought. Because there’s definitely more to Kate than meets the eye…