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Tied-Up Tuesday

Tied-Up Tuesday



Author : Mischa Eliot

Publisher : Radish


A young college student opens her mouth and a dare, backed up by money on the table, pushes her to follow through. The dare? Get Professor Chase's underwear. The bet? She can't do it because he's either gay or in a secret relationship. However, this girl knows her stuff and a few secrets about the Professor that gives her an edge to get what she needs and what she wants. Professor Chase has no idea what's about to happen to him when a student spreads her thighs at the front of his lecture hall showing him a secret tattoo, a twin to his. When she pushes him to a line he shouldn't cross, his deep dark need takes a hold of him and he gives her everything she wants and a lot more than she bargained for. Will she win the bet or will she crumble under pressure and say her safe word? Content Warning: This serial contains scenes and language not suitable for minors and is intended for an adult audience.