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Tied With a Bow - Volume 2

Tied With a Bow - Volume 2



Author : RavenMorris

Publisher : Radish


This is an Anthology of stories that are available individually. Do not purchase if you've purchased Marked, Dicked, and Tyed MARKED: Small-town Maddie has moved on up to the big time & big is what she gets at the welcome-to-the-neighborhood party that happens on her 29th birthday, & Maddie is more than willing to meet Mark. In any aspect he wants. And Mark wants a lot. Actually, everyone at the party does. Especially each other. Numerous each others. There’s more sex happening around her than Maddie has ever imagined. Is she willing to participate? Can she shed her small-town girl shyness to play with the big boys? With Mark willing to show her the way, she’s most definitely willing to be MARKED for life by him. D*CKED: Then there’s Rich—and all his bachelor-party buddies out for a good time in New Orleans. Melody sure could use one of those. Life & her ex haven’t been the best lately lately, so when she sees one of Rich’s friends naked in the room across the courtyard, she’s hoping things are starting to look up. Rich & his friends are definitely up for that. It’s one hell of a hot time in New Orleans, & the weather’s only part of it as Melody gets D*CKED. TYED: Ty made Kiley’s 22nd birthday memorable in the most "intimate" way & she’s never lost the torch she’s been carrying for him ever since. So when she has the chance to interview him for her job, Kiley’s not about to let him slip through her fingers. And when Ty gives her a glimpse of his world—in the most "intimate" way possible again—she means that in every sense of the word, because Kylie is all tied up in Ty. *** Copyright, Judi Fennell w/a Raven Morris All rights reserved. www.JudiFennell.com www.RavenMorris.wordpress.com