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Torn Between Alphas

Torn Between Alphas



Author : Sky

Publisher : Radish


Raine fucked up big time, and has been sold to the Alpha of the most fearsome pack in the region. Kaito despises having to have a human around, so he ignores her. When the rival pack attacks, Raine makes a run for it only to find herself in the snare of yet another Alpha. She is taken before the Alpha and he offers her a deal - she can stay here with him and help him take down the rival pack, and earn her freedom, or he can leave her in the woods to rot. While Raine is working with Cassius, feelings arise for both of them, but Kaito is adamant that he get Raine back. How will Raine ever survive being in the middle of a war to end all wars? And when Kaito steals Raine back, how far with Cassius go to get her back?