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Torn Between Alphas

Torn Between Alphas



Author : Panda B

Publisher : Radish


**NEW EPISODES 5X A DAY - ONE AT 7AM ET & TWO AT 2PM ET & TWO AT 9PM ET** What do you do when you’re in a financial crisis? A) Borrow money from someone B) Find another job C) Sell yourself to the Alpha Caliana Hart chooses C and decides to offer herself up to the highest bidder. With her mother’s burgeoning sickness, she needs cash fast and part-time jobs aren’t cutting it. But she’s made the mistake of choosing the wrong man to mess with… Xavier wants nothing to do with the girl his brother found online. He has enough things to worry about, like the fact that he hasn’t been able to shift. And to top things off, her annoying presence ticks off an enemy wolf pack who would like nothing more than to see Xavier—and now Cali—dead.