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Trade Off

Trade Off



Author : Rose

Publisher : Radish


When her brother is framed for embezzlement, Aureila Campbell is ready to do anything to prove his innocence and keep him from being thrown in prison, including pleading with the CEO, Prince Ace, to look into the case. He's unconvinced of her brother's innocence, and makes her an offer she would be foolish to accept. Crown Prince Ace of Gioasia, is used to women throwing themselves at him, so when a determined redheaded woman sneaks into his office and asks for his help, he knows she's no different from the others. Plus, he's convinced her brother is guilty, and Aureila equally guilty of trying to seduce him to get her brother off the hook. However, he is happy to strike a deal with the alluring Ms. Campbell; three months in his bed in exchange for not handing her thieving brother off to the authorities. He's even more intrigued when she throws his offer back in his face.