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Twin Devils

Twin Devils



Author : C.Swallow

Publisher : Radish


Horror / Romance / Dark Fantasy / BDSM Hazel appears a starved slave who is forced to mine deep underground inside the Fahrenheit; a hot, steam laden mine, where only the worst slaves are forced. Yet in actuality, she is a queen in disguise and the last trained female Sword Dancer to survive the eradication of her rare blood line in Apogee. She is a natural born Slayer of Beasts. Hazel has a few problems in regaining her throne. Astro, the Maul King, is a mass murderer ruling Apogee with his vile Queen, Apostis, a dangerous Blood Raven. They both feast on human flesh. All the mortals who are not obedient to their cruel laws, will either become slaves or eaten. Hazel is destined soon to meet two new arrivals, befriending one, and unwittingly making enemies with the other. They're not the usual kind around here. Two strongly built twin brothers who seem unbroken... by anything. They are quiet in their chains and there's something very strange about them. They don't belong. Unfortunately, Hazel is too young to know that a long time ago, Rogue Twin Dragons were the only true threat to the Apogee. Now, after a few centuries have passed, Devorex and Korserath have come back for the Apogee throne - their original birth place they were forced from after they were cursed to never shift again. If Hazel is not careful, her new obsession with the brothers may soon end up with her leash in their possession. ☾ The Fahrenheit is the name of a mine under the Apogee which is the name of the inactive volcano, also used to reference the city and the castle built around it. ☾ Sword Dancer is a specific line of Dragon Slayers, not born through magic [Sprites], but rather through the Sky Gods. Hazel is a descendant of angel like beings, born to protect mortals from the most dangerous kind of Dragon - Rogue Twin Dragons. ☾ Devorex and Korserath are these Rouge Twin Dragons, worse than Twin Leading Breeds. Devorex and Korserath are unable to shift because of their curse.