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Under His Song

Under His Song

Young Adult


Author : Jordan Lynde

Publisher : Radish


When a curse goes wrong, Hannele must come to terms with the fact that not only are mermen real, but she must work together with one to break it before they both lose their lives. In order to not draw suspicions to themselves, Hannele signs Leo to her record company because if there is one thing merpeople are good at, it's singing. AKA... At seventeen years old, Hannele is one of the best music composers and producers in the US... although it helps that her dad runs one of the biggest record labels in the world. Every song she produces hits number one on all charts. She's only rivaled by her cousin, Cohen. But the rivalry is more than just for prestige- it's for the entire company. Whoever brings in the most talent and tops the most charts will inherit Tide Records. But while Hannele's talented, she's picky. Most of her music goes unheard because she hasn't found that one, perfect voice she's looking for. That is until a young man with eyes the color of the ocean and hair the color of the sand saves her from drowning one day. He's strange, beautiful, and has the voice Hannele's been searching for. What's a story about a merman without a perfect voice? Stuck together until Leo and Hannele can break the curse set on them, Hannele signs him into the company as her talent. But with fame, comes danger. Especially with multimillion-dollar businesses. There's someone out to get Hannele. Was her accident really just an accident?