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Young Adult


Author : Rachel

Publisher : Radish


After literally stumbling over a dead body in the high school's locker room, Claire's life takes a deadly turn. Not only is a creepy security guard suddenly following her from Bodian Dynamics, the town's highly secretive medical research facility, but also a new kid in town with sinister motives has become dangerously obsessed with her. Even worse? Claire learns the boy is merely an evil alter ego of someone she cares about, and the only way she will survive is if she kills him. Albert desperately wants to escape his abusive home life. He hopes drinking from the vial he stole from Bodian Dynamics will give him temporary solace. But instead of comfort, something else unleashes inside of him, something powerful and deadly. He tries to control it, especially when his new alter ego sets his sights on Claire, the girl he loves, but his addiction proves too strong. His only hope is for someone to kill him, a near-impossible feat.