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What It's Like Loving an Idiot

What It's Like Loving an Idiot



Author : BrightWhiteSnow

Publisher : Radish


This was supposed to be different. I was supposed to live in a world where I don't have to worry about my boyfriend's well-being 24/7. Where I don't have to wonder where he is at three 'o clock in the morning. What happened to the days where I'd wake up in the morning and he would be lying there, in a deep sleep? What happened to his open personality towards me? What happened to us? Of course, I know the answer to that question, but is it easy to answer it? No way. Not a single thing about this situation is simple. Six months ago, James was just moving into Vena's apartment, but now? Everything has changed. They've changed, their relationship has changed. Everything. Slowly, Vena is coming to realize that reality isn't as easy as it may seem. Everywhere they look, there's chaos. Vena has lived a life where most things have come easily and moving into a life where it's not-so-much. Well, that could take some getting used to. Book Two of the 'I Am Living With An Idiot' series.