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When Fate Messed Up

When Fate Messed Up



Author : Vee

Publisher : Radish


Montgomery Series #1 "You made me realize that I have to achieve the worst to achieve the best... You." She has nothing left to lose. He has everything. She's a stripper. He's a millionaire and a CEO. What will happen if their worlds collide? Abandoned by her Parents because of a mistake she didn't even make, Paige found herself on the street with nothing but her gown she wore the night for her 18th birthday. Now, with nothing and no one to lean on, she did the one thing a woman should ever do; sell yourself. Out of her mind and slowly losing hope, Devon Montgomery stumbled into her already messed up life---a millionaire, a heartless bastard and an arrogant devil who asked her to be his sex slave. With nothing else to choose, Paige almost desperately accepted the handsome devil's offer, even if she knows the idea of being his sex slave excites and terrifies her at the same time. They met at an unexpected place and time and felt a strong feeling about each other they can't deny. Devon swore to never let Paige go, he will have her in his arms, bed and in his life no matter what happens. Both are terrified of loving and getting hurt again. What will be the ending of their story? What if... their meeting isn't a coincidence after all?