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When the Sun Sets

When the Sun Sets

New Adult


Author : Patricia K.

Publisher : Radish


I meet him at the right time. Or a completely wrong one, depending on the perspective you look from. I am not the one to fall head over heels in love with someone and he is not the guy who someone should even fall in love with. But there are all the witty comebacks, the unplanned meetings at the bar, the rides on his motorcycle, all the laughs we share before the morning … It does something to both of us. It changes us to the extent where we suddenly can't live without all of this. He is not a good guy. He's as bad as it gets. But he's perfect for me. I want to believe our story is a modern fairy tale with a more realistic ending. You won't get the princess-prince bullshit from me. You'll get it how it is with no sugar-coating. I was no princess and he was no prince, yet we still had something beautiful going on. For a while, at least.