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When We Were Young

When We Were Young



Author : Lindsay Emory

Publisher : Radish


Claire Portelli has helped plan every minute detail of her best friend’s wedding and when there’s a last minute groomsman substitution she completely freaks out. First, she’s very opinionated about the wedding party being an even number. Second–Tom Harrington hates her. And for good reason.   But Tom didn’t always hate Claire. At one point, he even thought there was something between them. Until there wasn’t. Now when he sees Claire again at the pre-wedding clambake, she immediately triggers emotions he hasn’t felt in seven years like uncontrollable annoyance… and uncontrollable desire. They’ve always pushed each other’s buttons and in the close confines of Virtue Cove, Maine, they can’t avoid each other for better or for worse.   Amidst the flying champagne corks, non-flying butterflies and hordes of puppies, can a small town veterinarian and a Manhattan fashion publicist reconcile a bitter history and achieve a happily ever after of their own?