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When Wrong Feels So Right

When Wrong Feels So Right



Author : Mia Ford

Publisher : Radish


Losing my wife [email protected] me up - my daughter was my only light. Until Riley came into my life to care for her. So sweet and innocent, she brightens my world. Am I crazy to want more?I couldn’t care for my little girl alone. Grief, and my work made it too hard. A live-in nanny made perfect sense. I wasn’t looking for benefits – I can find women to ease my pain. But I’m tired of sh*t-stirring gold-diggers, and oh man, Riley is so hot. So lovely too – my daughter adores her. She makes my house a home… makes us a family? I knew I should stay the fuck away. To mix sex and home is a bad idea – I don’t want my daughter hurt. Then came the day I kissed Riley. Brushed her soft lips, honey sweet. Saw the passion of innocence in eyes so artless, filled with secret desire. It’s a dangerous game. I’ll be her first, but it could break my family. But for this lust, this love, I’ll take a risk…