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Wicked Knows No Bounds

Wicked Knows No Bounds



Author : GGTBooks

Publisher : Radish


What this wickedly seductive witch wants, is precisely what she gets. But how long can she defy the forces of magic and hold onto the one thing she desires the most? For Devinia Sparks, returning to the realm of magic to accept her rightful reign is the absolute last thing on her To-Do list. At the top of that list? Seducing the incredibly gorgeous man her mother has sent to retrieve her. Jaden has twenty-four hours to locate the most powerful witch prophesized to ever rule the realm of magic—and save their world from imminent ruin. But he quickly discovers the fiery sorceress is a temptation he simply can't resist. Suddenly, he's torn between fulfilling his dire quest...and fulfilling his darkest fantasies. As the hourglass runs out, who will make the ultimate sacrifice? Praise for Wicked Knows No Bounds: “Worth a glowing recommendation!” Simply Romance Reviews, Grade A: “Ms. Fox steers her readers to what they believe should be a natural conclusion, and then allows them to see what will actually happen, with more than enough love scenes to keep even a diehard romantic happy. The plot is entertaining, and the characters are more than engaging. …Certainly worth a glowing recommendation!" “A book that will remain in my library!” Joyfully Reviewed: “…a very sexy walk on the magical side. …Jaden and Devinia are faced not only with their forbidden love, but also with what returning could mean to them. …A humorous and magical way to spend a couple of hours and a book that will remain in my library!”