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Wicked Seduction

Wicked Seduction



Author : EPettersen

Publisher : Radish


They say it takes a player to know a player. Vera Richland and Alistair Scott are about to find out. Alistair Scott has it all: good looks, intelligence, money, and any woman he wants. Any woman except Vera Richland, that is. Hot and feisty, legal eagle Vera Richland is the perfect target for his next game of seduction. But what happens when desire burns too hot? Will his seduction of Vera prove to be their downfall? Can Vera's heart take one more betrayal? Secrets and a haunting past might just turn this little game into something much darker than either of them thought. Read more in Wicked Seduction, a sexy love story that sizzles and burns. *Get 2 coupons for extra free chapters: https://redeem.radishfiction.com/story?code=OVAQUWXCP