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Widow On The Loose

Widow On The Loose



Author : Blushing Books

Publisher : Radish


Twenty years ago, Claire Wellington was in love with two men. She chose the wealthier, mild-mannered George, and lived a privileged and comfortable existence. The three stayed friends, even though Travis Forrester didn't always approve of the way Claire behaved. When his best friend George died, he asked Travis to take care of Claire, and for two years Travis tried, keeping things on an impersonal level and managing her inheritance. Even though Travis has loved Claire for the past twenty years, he no longer likes the woman she has become. He knows it won't be long before she crashes and burns. And when she does, he has to decide if saving Claire is worth losing his heart a second time. Will she accept that she not only needs him to take control but that she craves what he is offering, even if that means she’ll be sitting uncomfortably when her behavior is out of control? Can he help her find the sweet, loving woman she'd been when they met decades earlier? Is she worth the risk?