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Wild Boys: Vin

Wild Boys: Vin



Author : GGTBooks

Publisher : Radish


Jade Taylor is the first daughter of Moon River, Montana and the only single female relative in a law-enforcing, gun-toting family… Yeah, like any guy in town is laying a hand on her without losing it. Not a chance. And no woman should go this long without sex… It’s downright inhumane. So when the hottest thing she’s seen this side of a Hollywood superhunk comes rolling into town on a badass motorcycle, of course this good girl is going to turn a little wicked! Vin Delfino comes to Moon River with one goal in mind: Right a wrong from years past. He quickly discovers the girl whose heart he unwittingly broke long ago is now a stunning woman with a feisty spirit and a body made for sin. Too bad she’s the mayor’s daughter, the sheriff’s niece, the deputy’s cousin...because this is one attraction that is too electrifying to ignore. They attempt to contain the explosive chemistry, even with a little help from Vin’s best friend and business partner, Noah Riley. Yet every moment Jade and Vin are together is enough to prove their intrepid connection is predestined and could lead to something more substantial. As long as the secret Vin’s come to reveal doesn’t change every truth Jade has clung to all this time... Part 1--Wild Boys: Vin Part 2--Wild Boys: Noah