Wolfman Fantasies Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Wolfman Fantasies

Wolfman Fantasies



Author : Rose Bolter

Publisher : Radish


Violet is a young woman with romantic problems. All her life she has been haunted by her perfect man - a man who only appears in her dreams and continues to guide her along the correct path. BUT THIS LIFE IS TOO HARD TO GO IT ALONE Violet's dreams soon become a reality when a mysterious homeless man is caught with a book at the library she works at. The chief librarian wants to send the book away into the system, but this book holds the key to Violet's dream world, and she will do anything to ensure it's safety. STEP BACK INTO VIOLET'S WORLD, AS THE WOLFMAN ENTERS He is more beautiful, radiant, foreboding than what she ever could expect from a partner. There's only one question that remains. Is he truly real???