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You&Me: Book 4

You&Me: Book 4



Author : N.A. Carson

Publisher : Radish


Saigon returns to Northern Ridge with mixed feelings. He can't seem to get Archer off of his mind.The moment he sees him, Saigon knows his childhood crush hadn't dull with time. It had only grew and he's willing to do anything to have Archer as a mate. Saigon tries to gain Archer’s attention but the boy is too busy chasing after girls. The idea of being mates seems like a lost cause. The competition drives Saigon to make a horrible mistake and Archer finds out about his feelings. Archer immediately rejects him. Devastated, Saigon leaves for college before he could make their already broken relationship worse. But when a certain defeated werewolf turned up on his doorstep, Saigon hopes one day he’ll be able to convince this dominant to be his sub.