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A Heart-imprisoned Deal with CEO

A Heart-imprisoned Deal with CEO



Author : Luo Baicha

Publisher : babelnovel


Song Qiting smirked as her fingertips covered in a thin cocoon, moved between her delicate skin. Her eagle-like eyes were filled with disdain: "Make peace?" "No, I'm here to get a divorce …" The beautiful wife in front of him drooped her thick butterfly eyelashes and spoke firmly. — Originally, he thought that this hateful marriage would only make her stay alone in the empty room. However, he didn't expect her to be crushed by so much pressure every night. Love? Dignity? Old relationship? Stop dreaming, all the CEO wants is? Day after day of torture! Having been told after her pregnancy that the child in her womb should not be her husband's, her mother, who had raised her for more than twenty years, suddenly confessed that she was nothing more than a tool for revenge. With reality heavily injured, what should she do now?