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A Promotion Guide in the Harem

A Promotion Guide in the Harem

Fantasy Romance


Author : huang nv

Publisher : babelnovel


Leng Qiyue was a normal Girl who was preparing to cross over to the Tang Dynasty in order to save his family. In order for her family to survive, she had to go back to the modern era and transmigrate once more. But how was she going to do that? What should he do? What should he do? 'Forget it, let's take a handsome guy and talk about it later … ' In the end, he was led into the imperial palace by the handsome brother, and was involved in the battle for the harem. Goddess, although my position is not as high as yours, not as powerful as yours, but I have a son. This is my bargaining chip, let's see who can win the throne of the Queen.