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A Step Into The Past: I Am Han Xin

A Step Into The Past: I Am Han Xin



Author : Yi Zhi Tu Bi

Publisher : babelnovel


The grand layout, a long story by Hao Hao. The struggles between the Immortal, Devil, and Mortal Realms have been endless since time immemorial. The shadows of the sword and Light Sword stained the clothes with blood. Fight for the world! Hunting absolute beauties! To overturn the Heavenly Dao! Only I am! It was a fantasy, a war between all the beings of the three realms. It was a military battle, a war on the battlefield, a war against each other. It was history. Han Xin! A loud name made everyone's blood boil. Behind him, there were even Liu Bang, Xiang Yu, the two prodigies, Zhang Liang, Princess Yu, and Xin Zhui.