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Above the Skies

Above the Skies



Author : Guan Qi

Publisher : babelnovel


With the love and hatred of the previous life, he embarked on a path of revenge and redemption ... In the previous life, he was a great hero with super martial arts. In order to protect his lover, he sacrificed his life. Before his death, his lover placed a magic peach flower on his forehead so that his soul and memory could be preserved. Seventeen years later, his memory was revived, but his former lover has been brutally killed. He was grief-stricken, vowed to personally destroy the enemy, and lead thousands of troops to conquer the world! Since then, with heavy hatred and sorrow, he embarked on a road full of difficulties and obstacles ... ☆About the Author☆ Guan Qi, a well-known online novelist, has a great interest in writing. He has created many novels of fantasy type, with a total of nearly ten million words, and has maintained the top ten position of Chinese online novels for a long time.