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Adorable Wife, Don’t Run

Adorable Wife, Don’t Run

Modern Romance


Author : Meng Bao Bao

Publisher : babelnovel


If it was an accident, she wouldn't pursue it, but the other party still claimed from her. "You're a man, what are you asking for in innocent damages? "Is there a mistake?!" "What?" No compensation. "Good, good, good." "Be your fiancee? No, I don't agree. Absolutely not! " So what if I signed the contract? I can still run away! Go and play by yourself! Hahahaha... Young Master Huo didn't want to continue, but his wife wanted to run away. "Seal off the Madam's account. Go and check the address. I will personally bring her home." Young Master Huo wanted his little wife to run all over the country. A certain woman was sleeping like a fool.