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Alchemy & Martial Supreme

Alchemy & Martial Supreme



Author : Fei Xiang Wo Niu

Publisher : babelnovel


A pill could give birth to white meat, and could reverse the vicissitudes of life. Martial arts could destroy the heavens and battle in all places. Qin Ming's martial foundation was damaged. Relying on his tenacious willpower, he had successfully awakened his divine pill dao's innate divine ability. At the most critical moment in breaking through to the Pill God Stage, he was killed by someone close to him. Unexpectedly, he returned to being a youth. In this life, not only would he temper the starry sky with fire, he would also become the supreme Martial God of the Heavens! Martial realm: Body Tempering, Warrior, Martial Master, Martial Grand Master, Martial Ancestor, Martial Spirit, Martial King, Martial Monarch, Martial Saint, Martial Emperor, Martial God.