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Always Spoils His Baby Wife

Always Spoils His Baby Wife

Modern Romance


Author : Ya Sheng Jiu Jie

Publisher : babelnovel


The reason for that was because she was hacked into pieces on the spot. The key was that she was still alive, having met someone who had a little bit of relationship with her in the past. From then on, she was taken care of in all kinds of ways. However, their past experiences didn't seem to be good. If this went on, she would be injured. Although there were all sorts of awkwardness, she would still become someone else's person. Fortunately, she felt that this life wasn't too bad. Although there were people clamoring all day long, she knew that these were all for her to see. However, she was indeed a bit afraid of this certificate. Could she have contracted some sort of pre-marital phobia!? Join Collection