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Amnesic Wife: Baby Tricks Daddy

Amnesic Wife: Baby Tricks Daddy

Modern Romance


Author : Chu Yuner

Publisher : babelnovel


"Lan Shiling, you left me just for this man? Leave our son?! " Mr. Leng, six years ago, I did not even know you. All of this was because of a conspiracy, an unexpected loss of memories, which caused the two people who were originally happy to be torn apart. Six years later, with the addition of an adorable son, where would their love and hate go? The cold and dark daddy met his adorable son. From then on, he doted on his son. Although his son's shocking act gave him a headache, he did not feel displeased even after trying many times. When the mommy appeared, his son was just like the Small Follower, defending the mommy at every turn, showing a wonderful showdown with the callous daddy.