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An Ultimate Martial Art

An Ultimate Martial Art



Publisher : babelnovel


In previous life, in order to save his sister, Su Ye volunteered to sacrifice for the gods of nine heavens. He did not expect that all this is the man's trick to let him die in vain. Su Ye had learned the truth, was unacceptable for a moment, and died with hatred. At the moment Su Ye in the previous life died , another young boy named Su Ye crossed over him. At a dangerous time between life and death, He replaced the previous Su Ye to start a new life. He inadvertently obtained a book of martial arts, gained a spcial power, and used this power to escape out of chaos. Since then, he has relied on this cheat book to improve his ability through cultivation, to avenge Su Ye of the previous life. As a soul that from another world came through, he eventually dominated the world! ☆About the Author☆ Wu Yue Chu Ba, a well-known online novelist. He has a wealth of creative experience and has authored many novels, most of them are fantasy types. His novels have deeply attracted most readers. 一句话