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Ancestral Emperor of Primordial World

Ancestral Emperor of Primordial World



Publisher : babelnovel


When the universe first opened, the heavens and earth became chaotic, and the grandmist was born. According to the legends, there were 3,000 great Daos, 800 side doors, and a total of 3800 grandmist purple clouds. The Creation Jade Plate that Hong Jun obtained from the Zhou Mountain contained 49 strands of purple qi, and when Pan Gu established the heavens, it encountered divine retribution and fell apart. As for Hong Jun, he obtained 7 pieces of the great Dao, and the rest, he did not know that some of the grandmist energy had disappeared into the universe, while others had landed in some famous mountains and rivers. There were also some who stayed in their spirit veins to absorb the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, becoming more and more spiritual! Obtain the good fortune of the world, know the Yin and Yang, change at dawn, and train to become a great Dao. Association Teardrop QQ: 297253427 Favorite friends can add oh, writing books is tiring, when there's nothing to do it's still possible to bullsh * t. Close]