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Anthomaniac Princess

Anthomaniac Princess

Historical Romance


Author : Er Chun

Publisher : babelnovel


"Seventh Prince, have you seen how well I've painted your smoky makeup today?" "Hong Liang, Miss Qiao has a sharp eye. She is to be escorted back to the mansion and is to be accompanied by Su Erzhong to treat Miss Qiao." "Hey, Seventh Prince, don't go yet. There's nothing wrong with my eyes, and I haven't slept for the whole night. I've written a few poems for you, you can listen to them." Seventh Prince was the heavens, Seventh Prince was the earth, and Seventh Prince was the radish and vegetables. Small cool is a flower, small cool is a treasure, small cool is that day fairy. "Ah — the flower and the radish with the fairy, a natural pair!" Just as she finished speaking, the purple-clothed servant girl stood beside the pink-clothed lady with big strides and also held up the cloth in her hand. She recited: "You are the number one marshal in the world, I am the prettiest in the world, you and I love each other and have a fat child to kiss!"