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Arrogant Empress

Arrogant Empress

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Transmigration? Destroying a country? She had somehow become a useless princess of a fallen nation. He was being watched by the tyrant and was always threatening him! Not only did he have to think of a way to escape, he also had to deal with a bunch of white lotuses that harbored malicious intents … What? Did he hear that they had a grudge against each other? 'How is it that she doesn't know about this at all! ' "Woman, if you dare to run, I don't care if you run to the ends of the earth or the corners of the seas, I have a way to catch you." Some sort of overbearing emperor proclaimed his sovereignty. Was she that easy to capture? The result was, "Ugh …" What was going on? Why hasn't this month's aunt come yet? It was one thing if he couldn't escape, but he actually let Tyrant plant a seed in his stomach! Join Collection