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Arrogant War Sovereign

Arrogant War Sovereign



Author : Feng Xian

Publisher : babelnovel


In the previous life, Chong lou was an mucker who owed huge amounts of gambling debts. He usually had no hobbies except gambling and drinking. His life was a mess. In the end, he was killed because he provoked the daughter of the gambler king. Even so, when his life came to the end, he still didn't regret it. He just felt that he was out of luck. He believed that if he would reincarnate his life, he would definitely be more exciting than this one. The reality is as he expected. He was reborn after his death, but different from before. This is a world of martial arts practice. Isn't this his ideal life for a man who loves adventure and excitement? He began to practice martial arts and vowed to become the strongest war sovereign. ☆About the Author☆ Feng Xian, an outstanding online novelist, His novel has a twisted plot, a distinctive character and a fascinating story. He is a well-received and excelent author.