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Asura Martial System

Asura Martial System



Author : Eggplant from God's realm

Publisher : babelnovel


HE ACCIDENTALLY ACQUIRED A MAGICAL SYSTEM,AND HE SOON ACHIEVED TO THE PEAK. Because of his extremely low talent, Zhao Xin was bullied from an early age. On this day, he was beaten by others and fainted. After waking up, he found that he had accidentally bound the asura martial system. With this system, the progress of his martial art practice had become fast. With this system, Zhao Xin's talent and his body as well as his martial arts are the strongest in the world. Since then, those who have bullied him obediently become his admirers. While powerful brings glory to people, it often leads to more dangers. Facing those who are jealous of him and want to defeat him, what would he do to solve them? ☆About the Author☆ Shen Jie Lai De Qie Zi, an online novelist, and his novel Asura Martial System has won many readers' love for its ups and downs storyline and distinctive character.