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Asura War Supreme

Asura War Supreme



Author : Hei Se Long Qi

Publisher : babelnovel


The Heaven Realm Battle God's soul passed through the foreign world, exterminating evil spirits, exterminating demons and devils, fighting Saint Rulers, killing the heavens and the earth, fighting Star Shift for empire, and destroying the heavens with a single finger of Asura …. Not only that, but he also knew alchemy, spirit inscriptions, Nirvana Arts, and divine medicine. In addition, he also knew how to make all sorts of delicious foods to pick up girls! (PS1 level: Spirit Realm, Spiritual Martial Force, Saint Bars, Divine Rotation Realm, Void Transformation Realm, Karakorum, Profound Ascension Realm, Empyrean Realm, sage realm, Martial Emperor Realm …) )