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Await You Till All Flowers are Gone

Await You Till All Flowers are Gone

Modern Romance


Author : Wen Xu Yi Yi

Publisher : babelnovel


At the age of twenty-eight, her life was still like a pool of stagnant water. Everyone that knew her said that with a mother, one must have a daughter. No one could marry the daughter of the Yu family. Until that night, when she was dragged into the car by a strange man whose aura surrounded her, when he said, "Woman, help me. I can give you everything." After that night of entanglement, she had disappeared, leaving a mark on the expensive car seat like a poppy. After searching the entire city, he appeared before her once again and said, "Yu Jingya, I can give you a home." However, after she got married, she finally understood what kind of extraordinary person she had offended!