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Bad Daddy, Stop Bullying Mommy

Bad Daddy, Stop Bullying Mommy

Modern Romance


Author : ai mei yin zi

Publisher : babelnovel


A marriage contract had forcefully tied the two of them together as if they hated each other. He warned her, "The marriage of the next five years will be the beginning of your grave life. Other than the name of the Young Mistress of the Hei family, you can't get anything else, not to mention getting into my bed!? " She gnashed her teeth in anger, and refused to show weakness as she replied, "Black Four Eyes, don't take yourself too seriously. Don't make it seem like everyone wants to crawl onto your bed, and everyone wants to circle around you. "I say, you're being arrogant and narcissistic, and I say, you're hopeless. I say, deeper down, you're the kind of person who's brain-dead, do you understand?" In the dark night, he tightly held her petite body, and his pair of fiery hot hands wantonly moved around her body. She gritted her teeth and angrily shouted: "Black Four-Eyed, what you say doesn't count. Are you still a man?" He laughed evilly, "Hur hur, whether I'm a man or not, you'll soon get your answer!"