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Be Careful, Black-bellied Prince

Be Careful, Black-bellied Prince

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


A student of a certain university in the 21st world who majored in pharmacy had died from drowning while saving a child from rescue. He had transmigrated to the Xuanyuan Dynasty of the Tiantang Continent and said that he was a fool. Fine, then I will be shrewd and let others see that I am being bullied. He was the third prince of the Xuanyuan Dynasty. Many speculations had been raised about him being an elder leftover male. However, he remained unmoved, indifferent, and had lost an arm. One day, she snuggled up to Xuanyuan Li's body and lightly stroked her chin, "Everyone says that you didn't do anything, then where did I get this from?" One night, Xuanyuan Li threw her beautiful appearance that had just been washed clean onto the bed. She narrowed her eyes and smiled, "Everyone says that I am cold and detached with my arms and that I am sick. My wife, I must treat my husband."