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Beautiful CEO's Super Soldier King

Beautiful CEO's Super Soldier King



Author : Ren Xing De Shi Zi

Publisher : babelnovel


When the super Soldier King returned to the city, he initially wanted to find a job and hide his identity to protect his comrade's family. However, an accident occurred while having a relationship with the tyrannical Beauty Ceo. From then on, in the bustling cities, troubles followed one after another. Ye Chen dealt with them one by one, and one after another, legends were born in his hands. All sorts of Peerless Beauty s threw themselves into his arms, one after another begging for protection, for shelter, for everything … However, he did not enjoy the pleasure, because the tyrannical Beauty Ceo did whatever it took to tie him down by his side: "Kneel down and sing Conquest!" "In order to redeem my pride as a man, I'll go all out!" Ye Chen language!