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Beautiful Farming Wife

Beautiful Farming Wife

Historical Romance


Author : bi ming zhou xiao jie

Publisher : babelnovel


His thoughtfulness and tenderness made her fall in love with him deeply, and the country life of they two was both fun and happy. A sudden car accident caused her soul to go through time and space to the ancient place of carnal pleasure. She was almost killed by her boss because she did not want to do those humiliating things. A passing-by youth looked at her, she was so pitiful that he bought her with the remaining money, and when he saw her clear eyes, he was surprised she was so different. In his meticulous care, she began to fall in love with him. Her ingenuity is even more superior in the closed and backward ancient rural areas. She buys fields to grow crops, or rents out to collect rents. Not only do they needn't worry about eating and drinking, but they also have plenty of surpluses. They two in this beautiful village live a happy life. ☆About the Author☆ Bi Ming Zhou Xiao Jie, an excellent online novelist, and a contract author of the Chinese literature website, her novel has a rich and tortuous storyline, touching emotional description.